Jag Promotions, Inc was founded in 2003 and is a leader in promotional product and POS sourcing. We rank in the top 10% of over 39,000 distributors nation wide!

We are located:

261 Clarkson Executive Park

Ellisville, MO 63011     


What We Do: 

We make your company memorable to the people you want to remember your company!

Promotional Products


Point of Sale Materials

Custom Made Items

Storage/Shipping/Mailing projects

How We Do It:

We are NOT order takers.  There are thousands of distributors you can call to order a pen with your logo.  We can get those pens too, but let's go deeper.  What product best represents your brand?  What product will have staying power and actually be used by your customer?  What product will make your customer remember you rather than the competion when it is time to cut that PO? 

We talk to you to get these questions answered.  Then we source the best product at the best price.  The products that will bring you more business by keeping your name top of mind.  All the time.  Or, we can get you that pen with your logo.......

Things We Do:

  1. American Made Items
  2. Union Made Items
  3. Custom Made Items:  Both domestically and internationally
  4. Product Storage
  5. Fulfillment:  We can store your items and ship on an as-needed basis
  6. We can create your own company store highlighting all your promotional goods

Get Social and Stay Informed:

Follow us on Facebook for monthly specials and see what other customers are buying and the newest "hot items":  www.facebook.com/jagpromotions

Who To Call:

Office:                                                 314-914-1925     

Traci Jaggie: tracij@jagpromotions.us   314-409-3579

Joe Jaggie: joe@jagpromotions.us        314-409-3578